Cooler 15 000 types, 4 kW - 160 kW, Exchange, custom-made according to the model drawing, kW, material, medium, overhaul, new request, please Drawing,

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Lieferprogamm: 'New! Cooler 15 000 types, 4 kW - 160 kW,
Exchange, custom-made according to the model drawing, kW, material, medium, overhaul, new request, please Drawing:
Combination cooler 45 528 4 kW - 7.5 kW W B 380 +3 x H 455x D 63, 1/2 "BSP, 3/4" BSP,
Combination cooler 45 532 7.5 kW - 15 kW B 430 +3 x H 500x D 63, 1/2 "BSP, 3/4" BSP,
Combination cooler 45 536 18kW - 22kW B 490 +3 x H 550x D 63, 1/2 "BSP, 3/4" BSP
Combi-Cooler, 45 540 30kW, B 675+3,x H 650x T 63, 3/4" BSP, 11/4" BSP,
Combi cooler +B650+3 x H 650x D 63, 3/4 "BSP, 11/4" BSP, B 45 544 37kW,
Combination cooler 46 214 45kW - 55kWB 860 x H 800+5 x T 113, 1 "BSP, 11/2" BSP,
Combi-Cooler, 46 225 75kW B942+5, H 960 x D 140, 11/4 "BSP 2" BSP,
Combi 90kW 110kW chiller 46 230 B 1099 x H 960 x D 140, 11/4 "BSP 2" BSP,
Combination cooler 85 550 160 kW,B 1756+9 x H 1140 x D 113 x 2 "BSP.

Aggregates, compressor block-level overhaul air compressors,
Mahle Engine filter sets, industrial filter sets, motors, filter sets, rail trucks, ships .......,
MANN + HUMMEL compressor kits, engine kits filters, industrial filter sets, motors, filters CAT
Cummins, Deutz-Fahr, GM, hunt, train, trucks, boats, pumps,
Atlas Copco Compressors, Air compressors to Zeppelin, Construction,
Auto, automotive, agricultural, railroad, construction, mining, chemical, pressure, compressed air, electrical, automotive, forestry, rubber, wood, heating-u. Air Conditioning, metallurgical, hydraulic, condensate equipment, plant, paint, agricultural equipment, machinery, metals, offshore pneumatics, solar, mining, transport companies, cement industry standard and Din OEM / OEM manufacturer QUALITY,
Procurement services, full service compressors FRG, Europe and worldwide,
Process cost savings at the conclusion of a framework agreement on 50%
300 product groups for more than 1000 equipment manufacturers in the product range.
Compressors, overhaul, servicing, leakage, under contracts compressed air technology, spare parts kits, filter kits MAN industry, co-repair service, maintenance contracts, feasibility studies,
Atlas Copco Compressors manufacturers to Zwickau Maschinenfabrik Borsig, all from one source. Other brands available on request.
Since all system manufacturers have Üeberkapazietäten, the return on the sale of spare parts and equipment service is earned.
You will receive a full service overhaul engine components, radiators, compressors AT elements, storage, new, compressor spare part kits, filter kits, customer service, repair service, about 30 - 40% cheaper, in OEM quality.
All the manufacturing industry companies require compressed air, industrial filtration technology.
The industry needs, compressors from 1.1 kW to 1000 kW propulsion power.
The offered alternative Normteille have OEM quality and are according to EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 9002-926.
The supply spare parts manufacturers must meet the following criteria: quality standard DIN ISO ... references from equipment manufacturers.
Guarantee that the spare parts to original equipment manufacturers OEM quality after the original court order spare parts Car Block Exemption Regulation (No 1400/2002 Article 81, paragraph 3, LG Köln AZ 81 0230/00) meeting.
After this judgment I have against the No. 1 manufacturer of compressors in the FRG, (according to VDMA), a prossess won over "original parts".
Wholesale Special Price: screw compressor GA708, GA808,
Atlas Copco Compressors, 1616283600, separator element, 2012 Special Price: 286 €
Atlas Copco Compressors, 1616283600, separator element, original price in 2012: 572 €
Dealer Special Price: screw compressor GA1108, GA1408,
Atlas Copco Compressors, 2250631300, separator element, 2012 Special Price: 837 € €
Atlas Copco Compressors, 2250631300, original price, list price in 2012: 1,674 €
Original equipment manufacturers such as AEG, Aerzen Alup, Almig, Atlas Copco, Atmos, farmer, Behr Hella, Beko, Lightning Cutter Rotary, BMW, Boge, Bosch, Brinkmann screed pumps, CAT, Cecatto, Compair, Cummins, Demag Wittig, German Railways AG, Deutz, Domnick Hunter, Ecoair, Flottmann, Ford, Gardner Denver, GHH edge, Hatz, Hydac, Hydrovane, Ingersoll Rand, IVECO, Kaeser, KHD, Knorr Bremse, LMF, Lombardini, Mannesmann Demag, Mahle, MAN, man + Hummel. Mercedes, MTU, MWM, Pall, Parker, Perkins, Putzmeister, Renault, Rotorcomp, Siemens (KWU), Stauff, Sullair, Tamrock, ultrafilter, VW, Volvo Penta, WABCO, walleye, Zeppelin, Zwickau Maschinenfabrik Borsig, etc., put them in DIN Standard Products, a.
In industry, the processing cost of an entire shopping process, approximately 150,00 €,
At 10,000 requests per year, you have a process cost saving of € 1,500,000.00.
MRO goods are in the industry accounted for 80% of the purchased indirect goods.
C-products in the industry, 60-80% of replacement cost, with only 5-10% of the order.
For the conclusion of a framework agreement, we need you to an Excel file.
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